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Workflow Automation

Ecological projects often iteratively derive multiple insights from the same sets of data, resulting in frequently repeated, routinised processes or tasks (e.g. data extraction, validation, and data flows). Addax can automate these data-driven routines using custom Python or R script, which is provided to the client to ensure full transparency, traceability, and transferability. A graphical user interface (GUI) can also be built around the script as needed.

Examples of automated processes include:

  • Automated report and metric generation for repeated studies
  • Dataflows to identify bird species through sound classification
  • Automated complex Excel calculations through VBA Macros
  • Identification of bird species from radar wave data
  • Automated species identification from camera trap images
  • Extracted and analysed online weather data

Curious if Addax can help automate your project? Get in touch and find out.