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Early Warning Systems

In today’s rapidly urbanizing world, encounters between humans and wildlife are becoming increasingly common. To address these challenges, early warning systems have emerged as a potential tool to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts and ensure the safety of both people and wildlife.


Early warning systems use advanced camera technology coupled with real-time notification capabilities to alert relevant authorities or individuals when specific animals are detected. Whether it’s the presence of elephants in agricultural lands, wolves near residential neighbourhoods, or poachers in protected areas, these systems offer timely alerts to minimize potential conflicts and facilitate proactive management strategies.


Using the detection software of EcoAssist, many animal species can already be instantly identified. Want to use a custom model for your target species and project requirements? No problem. We can develop identification models suited to your specific needs.

Deployment options

Powered by AI, these systems process images and trigger notifications via email, SMS, or WhatsApp within seconds upon detection. Cameras can connect via various networks like 3G/4G, LoRaWAN, or satellite, ensuring communication even in remote areas. Solar panels provide sustainable energy solutions for off-grid deployments.

Reach out if you would like to further discuss the possibilities for your project area.