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Peter van Lunteren, Founder of Addax Data Science

How would I describe myself? I’m an optimistic, methodical, results-oriented, tech-savvy ecologist with a passion for developing data-driven solutions that improve the quality of ecological research. In addition to founding Addax, I have worked for several conservation initiatives over the past eight years and currently serve with two: Smart Parks, which conserves endangered wildlife through cutting-edge technologies, and Inclusion Foundation, which provides a basic income to village communities in Uganda.

I’ve also created the open-source AI platform EcoAssist, which enables annotation, training, and deployment of custom models for automated species detection. The goal is for ecologists to be able to focus more of their time on conservation efforts and less time reviewing camera trap images. My hope is that EcoAssist will make a significant contribution to open sourcing, open access, and open science.

See my LinkedIN and ResearchGate for more information about me and my GitHub for information on my software projects.


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