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Get more from your

ecological data

Addax offers customised coding solutions for more efficient data analysis and intelligent workflow automation.

For ecologists and nature conservationists. Addax Data Science helps you achieve reliable, data-driven insights, from AI species recognition models to statistics and visualisation.

Do your data fall outside the ecological sector? Addax may still be able to help. Contact us for more information.

Addax’s mission?

Providing tools that empower ecologists to spend less time on boring tasks and more time on nature conservation.


You can read about what we do at Addax Data Science below. Not much of a reader? Watch this webinar instead.

Species Recognition Models

Manually analysing camera trap images or sound files can be exhausting and time-consuming. Addax can create custom AI-driven computer vision models to automate species identification, saving you time and effort.

Early Warning Systems

Encounters between humans and wildlife are becoming increasingly common. Early warning systems use advanced cameras and AI to detect animals in real-time, reducing conflicts and enhancing safety for both humans and wildlife.

Workflow Automation

Ecological research is often repetitious. Addax can significantly streamline processes such as data extraction, validation, identification, and data flows, allowing you to focus on the insights gained and their research implications.

Statistics and Visualisation

Analysis of ecological data is challenging even for the experts. Addax can help, whether by providing a comprehensive consultation or by conducting the analysis itself—from simple comparative studies to complex scientific research.

Clients and collaborators

Typical approach

1. Request

The customer starts by explaining the project requirements.

2. Meet

A meeting will be planned to discuss the specific needs.

3. Work

Once all the necessary information is gathered, Addax will start working.

4. Draft

An initial draft is presented for review and feedback.

5. Edit

Discussed changes, additions, or adjustments will be implemented.

6. Final

Once all the revisions are complete, the final product is delivered.

About Addax

My name is Peter van Lunteren and I am the founder of Addax Data Science. As a wildlife biologist with extensive practical field experience in ecological research and a special interest in data science and machine learning, I am passionate about the interface between nature conservation, tech, and artificial intelligence. Proficient in information technologies such as R, Python, Tensorflow and PyTorch, my goal is to provide the highest quality expert service and personalised attention to each client. Addax works with a dedicated team of IT specialists and technology experts.

Let’s work together on your next project.

Do you have a question or comment? Need a non-binding project quote? Feel free to contact me and learn how Addax can help you reach your research and analysis objectives.